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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 11, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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area free way. >> what may have led up to the fatal shooting of somebody who visited occupy oakland. >> potentiality danger -- dangerous price. today is veterans day. the way servicemen and women will be or norred. we -- honored. we continue now. good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this friday, veterans day, 11/11/11. i'm pack cook. >> i'm -- pam cook. >> david clark has the day off. rain lingering off the coast. let's go to steve. >> thank you very much. happy friday everybody. cloudy skies. it will be cooler today. some lite rain hit and miss moving through inland areas. not a big deal. that's associated with
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some troll cal moisture -- tropical moisture. those closest tot coast -- toet coast, bet -- to the coast, better opportunity to see rain. here's sal. >> good morning, steve. right now westbound bay bridge traffic looks good. we're checking on a report of something up on the bridge. it is unconfirmed right now. we'll get back to you. hopefully it's not there. also this morning's commute on 580 westbound, there is a crash there. it's not causing a big traffic jam. some people were injured. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. it started as a highway crash investigation now police say what happened on 880 near tn tp street last -- tennessee street last night was a killing. alex savrj is there with what leads police to have to go on this >> reporter: well, there's no disscription this morning on the gunman or the get away car in
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this crime as vallejo police detectives try to piece together this shooting. it took place about midnight on 880 near tennessee street. other drivers called 911 to report a single car that was wrecked in the bushes. when investigation ors get there -- when invest gi tos got there they found the driver was shot. he died at the scene. inves ga tigators are getting indications he was targeted. >> i don't believe it's random act. again, i'm in the doing the invest -- not doing the investigation. it's just from first look at it >> reporter: it was vallejo's 13th homicide of the yearment it could be a tough -- year. it could be a tough one to solve. if you were involving in that area over night, the detectives would like to hear from you if you know anything.
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the county sheriffs office says a man driving a car killed his passenger before turning the gun on himself. it happened yesterday evening on chad born road in fair field. the department reports its deputies and highway patrol officers were trying to pull the car over when they heard gunshots. deputies found 35-year-old e -- enri qeo. we have learned the man killed near the occupy oakland camp lived there for several days. the young man from richmond was shot and killed yesterday just yards away from the tent city outside city hall. craig has been talking to people living at the camp an he join us live this morning >> reporter: thanks. when i talked to people they tell me that this man whose nachl is alex is -- name is alex is from rich manned -- richmond. behind it seems to me a memorial to the
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under man who was -- to the under man who was shot and killed yesterday around 5 p.m.. people say this had nothing to do with what their movement is about. people from outside came in and they got into an argument and ended up shooting and killing him. opd has not made a positive ied case. look -- identification. looking at that me mirl, wow wonned -- memorial, you wonder if that's a memorial to the occupy oakland camp because everybody is talking at closing it down. yesterday afternoon around 5 p.m. it was chaotic here. as we look at the video, they came to take away the young man, take him to the hospital, but he died either here or on the way. people who were here yesterday and saw what happened they were very surprised. >> he got free and ran and he ran right down here. then i heard -- we heard the pops. pop, pop, pop. we took a quick
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look. we listened for breathing, trying to find out if there was any breathing. we couldn't find any breathing. we try today find a pulse. >> reporter: according to some people, police have been responding to the camp over the past several days for different reasons. what happened yesterday, a homicide occurring, now the mayor is saying it's time for the camp to be closed down. . >> we were hearing earlier today that there had been some fights out in the plaza. we don't know if this i said dent had anything -- incident had anything to do with the camp. it does under score one of the points that i've been trying to make, that the risks are too great. >> reporter: it wasn't just the young man who was shot and killed, he was a homicide victim, but an oakland police officer told me yesterday that there was a bank employee, an employee at the western credit union who was grazed by a bullet that stemmed from that incident. we are continuing to talk to people at occupy oakland and my
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this morning. reporting live from oakland craig. many oakland business owners were calling on the city to shut down the camp well before the fatal shooting. the inside is certain to step up their campaign to pressure the city to shut down the camp. the month long protest that has been an economic nightmare for downtown businesses. the violence could make a bad situation even worse. >> i hope it doesn't have a long lasting effect. it does impact other people's opinions of what oakland is like, which is not fair at all. >> the oakland chamber of commerce is demanding the city tier down the -- tear down the camp immediately. they are likely to support the recall campaign against the mayor if she doesn't cook action. >> a gas line accident is now being replaced. in august a
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pg&e gas line exploded destroying a condo. the utilitiage si de-- utility agency says it is the same kieb of pipe -- kind of pipe. pg&e is doing work on one of its pipelines in san mater county. crews will be events gas -- venting gas at highway 280. that work begins at 2 p.m.. this morning president obama will start off this veterans day having breakfast with some of the vet vans at the white house. -- veterans at the white house. we'll have a live report from our dc news room. right there you are looking at a looifr -- live picture from the thom -- item of the unknown. president obama will be there later on. at # 15 we'll have -- at 6:15 we'll have oo report -- a report
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about an unusual .15 we'll have -- at 6:15 we'll have oo report -- a report about an unusual basketball game mrt obama be attend today. . expect several street closures for the veterans day parade. it gets started at 11 o'clock this morning. the parade will end at civic center plaza around 1 p.m.. veterans day parade will also take place in downtown san jose today. that gets started at noon. coyou think -- do you think we as a country do enough to honor or nations veterans? that are the question we are having viewers on facebook this morning. nicole wrote, no, they risk their lyes -- lives to fight for our country. free meals and not just on holidays. amanda wrote, no, they have to fight hard when they come home and apply for jobs when they already fought hard for us
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abody. -- abroad. we give them a did of free males and -- meals and parades and that's about it. send us a message on facebook. we'll share the comments coming up. a lot of veterans and active members of the military, i have some in my family, do get some service -- free tickets and events and some discounts and things, so it's nice. we can always do more. sal is updating a crash in liver more though. how does it look? >> it's okay. it's not -- it's in the left lane. there's all kinds of debris, glass and farthers -- parts of the car there in that left lane. there's another crash behind it, a minor accident, about a mile behind that. the main crash is 580 at west flynn. watch for emergency vehicles as you drive west. also this morning we're looking at the bay bridge.
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westbound, that looks good. no sign of anything on the bridge. that's great. h -- this morning's drive in san jose off to a goods start. that's -- to a good startment we're off to -- start. let's go to steve. happy friday everybody. a lot out there. this system is moving parallel to the coast. a lot of cloud cover. there's been sot light rain showers moving through, not a big deal. you can see those in sacramento. the system, that's usual low is heading not a good sign, lining up north to south. there's nothing in this -- nothing behind this system to kick it inland. i'll mention some rain, but it looks like a lot of clouds. maybe along the coast some rein. the system is still -- some rain. the system is still offshore. inland areas, cloudy, cooler. we will have temperatures not 50s and -- in the 50s and 60s. it's in the moving to the east anymore, it's
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stalled out tvm key is right -- stalled out. the key is right back here. that's the low. if it is moving east, i would say get ready for rain. you can see how -- just right there. you can see how it doesn't move east. it's aligning its north to south. that is not a positive sign. san rosa 39. that's one of the few 30s left over. not as cold as it has been the past couple of morning. we'll keep this system around for a day. a little system clips us sunday morning from the north. cloudy,cooler, highs will be in the 60s today or 50s. about a 5 to 10 degree drop. temperatures, cloud cover and # 0 -- 60s on the peni sula too.
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clouds clearing. then morning it's out of here, monday, tuesday, dry. this is more fall out from the fall out at the penn state campus. number 7. i thought the debate was tonight. >> that happens to everybody. it was a mix up, ladies and gentlemen. sure. number 6 >> rick perry boez on -- rick perrer ri goes on the david letterman show for his top reasons for his brain freeze during the gop debate. ♪
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welcome back to the morning news. time now is 6:14. is pen penn state assistant coach who says he witnessed child sex abuse on campus will not be at tomorrow's game. the university says he has received multiple death threats. receivers coach mike mcqueary testified in the grand jury investigation that lead to charges against jerry sandusky. the sandal has led to the fires of lenld dare head coach joe paterno and the university president. police are warning students against protesting during tomorrow's game. they do in the want a repeat of wednesday night's riot. there are reports that paterno has reached out the a washington dc criminal defense lawyer. he has not been charged with any crime. he was informed about one of sandusky's ie
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ledged -- alleged abuses back in 2002. he is concerned about possible civil lawsuits by sandusky's alleged victims an their families. president obama many cla -- in washington now will be heading to california to mark this veterans day in a disor i can day. -- hispanic or tick day. allison is live now >> reporter: president obama is going to participate in an annual veterans day tradition. the president and first lady will participate in the annual ceremonies here. they'll lay a reef at the tomb of the unknown and make a speech. then he is head together san diego to start a new tradition. take a look at this video of the deck of the uss carl vincent being trance formed into a basket ball aree yeah that -- arena. north carolina and michigan state face off for the first college
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basketball game played on a navy ship. the north carolina coach said his playses l -- myers could not believe the -- players could not believe the trance formation. >> you see my players with their phones or cameras walking around. they weren't talking to each other. >> a look at who get to go to the game during any next update in about an hour. l for now we're live in washington dv, allison burns republican candidate rick perry has been making fun of himself after his forgetfulness after the ash -- at the recent defate. me appeared on letterman show with the top ten excuse z for his brain bruise -- brain freeze. >> you try concentrating with romney miles at -- smiling at you. that's hard to do. >> i know. i know exactly what you're talking about. >> perry has said debating is not his strong point. the while house is agree to
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turn over some documents related to solindra after a subpoena. the white house started investigating yesterday. it would begin to turn over the documents. it is tied to the government loan the company received before going bankrupt and laying off 1100 employees. oakland enforcement is calling this week's crime sweep a success. they showed off the guns, bags after ammunition and bullet proof vests they recovered. they arrested 138 people, inlewding 14 sex offenders that. targeted people with criminal bkdz. >> any time you can take a gun off the streets, that's a plus for us. >> we shot this video tuesday night aft -- of agents raid ago home in the oakland hills. they searched more than 20 #10 0 location -- 100 locations. they
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took $3,200 -- $32,000 in cash. the district says the changes are needed to keep school size at a reasonable number and reduce demand on district bussing. bob castro school is e if he canned. the -- effected. some people in southern california are fed up with nowhere to park so they are taking matters into their own hands. fake no parking signs have been popping up in malibu probably to keep the tourists away. the -- the signs are illegal though. convincing they can get people parking tickets, the city is trying to find the people putting up the signs. the friday morning commute, there's a bit of a twist, it's veterans day. sal, how are we looking if >> it looks pretty good. we're looking at the bay bridge. you can see that traffic is going to be busy on the span. our camera that we turned over you can see
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traffic is actually doing pretty well. when you get to the told -- toll plaza you will see the traffic is a little bit he self inflicted. i wouldn't -- he self inflicted. i wouldn't call it -- he self inflicted. -- heavy self inflicted. we had a nigh nor accident -- minor accident. you will see some delays, but they won't be as bad if it were regular a regular -- if it were a regular tuesday morning. be aware of it. 50 -- 580 at west flynn. >> some cloudy skies, maybe some rain. it's staying offshore for now. it looks like it wants to dive to southern california. we do have a cooler pattern today. there's some light showers scooting through, but no big deal. there's our system. it's stretching its north to south. the low is driving towards southern california. that is not a positive sign for rain for
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us. i'll have an update in about 15 minutes. i think this system is not -- has a bark worse than its bite an it's not going to do much. 50s degrees out. you don't see that very often. your system is heading south. some rain is possible, but mainly on the coast. i think the message is cloudy and cooler but some light stuff inlands. 50s and 60 rngs d d to -- 50s and 60s, not those low 70s you saw yesterday. one little system comes in sunday morning also an then it's out of here for a cool breezy pattern mondays, tuesday. morning rates hit a milestone for the second time in history. they will -- lenders are offering 30 year fixed straight mortgage payments. that's good news for people looking to finance. low interest rates are not doing much to boost home sales. rates have been below # 5 percent all
6:22 am
year. 2011 is on pace to have a fewest home sales in 14 years. san francisco business times reports the professional networking website intends to lease 60,000 square feet of office space. several other companies have also set you also -- set up alsos -- offices in the city. >> for those of you who believe in numberology. today's date have significance and some people have decided that's reason enough to make it a big day in their personal relationships. >> a curve ball in the plan to bring probaseball to marine county.
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good morning. right now traffic is moving along pretty well at the bay bridge. we're getting a little bit of a slow down here. not anything like we formally do. once you get on the -- normally do. once you get on the bridge traffic is moving well. federal investors have looking -- federal investigation ors -- investigate ors are looking into a deadly helicopter crash. the victims names have not been released. two are a newlywed couple from
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pennsylvania. the cause of the crash is still unknown. is a neighborhood group -- a neighborhood group that opposes the plan to bring baseball to san a fell is heading to court. thigh are trying to delay opening day. dozens of family living near downtown are behind the lawsuit. just last month the city counsel approved the plan to bring the minor league team to town. talks to end the four month nba lock out have broken off -- have broken off again with no resolution. the league made a revised offer after nearly # 1 hours -- # 1 hours of -- # 11 hours -- 11 hours of gar binning -- bargaining. union president derek fisher says the offer does not address all the smshs important to the -- issues important to the players. the myers will meet to discuss the next steps. some couples are taking an
6:27 am
extra step to make shaur they -- sure they don't forget their anniversary date. they're getting married today on 11/11/11. many people say they wanted something fun or lucky. 1,000 weddings are on a typical friday but the license bureau says it's lie sinced four times more than that. good se mary tan hospital said it jumped in the number of planned delivery. at least ten women have scheduled krshg sections from -- c sections from today. the hospital says it's first concerning is the health of the baby, not the numbers on the calendar. 627 time too many -- 7:27 -- 6:26 is the time. a deadly shooting at the occupy oakland camp. the under man killed had
6:28 am
direct ties to that camp. >> san francisco transportationage si says it's facing more budget shortfalls. what that could mean for community riders an anybody who -- and anybody who drives or parks a car many san francisco. >> hopefully 11/11/11 will be good for stock market. we go live for the opening bell up next. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
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the time now is 6:30 we have learned that the plan who was killed at the occupy oakland camp lived there. craig has been talking to people there living at the camp. he joins us live this moshg from downtown ---ing morning from downtown oakland >> reporter: the memorial is right behind me. it's close to the camp. the moon was -- the man was shot and killed here yesterday. people said his name was alex. he visited from richmond. the memorial right now for al ex. -- alex. what happened yesterday, it might turn to a memorial for the camp. people are saying the homicide is not connected to the movement. the city is using it as thaefd the camp is -- that the camp is responsible or drain
6:32 am
aring resources from other -- draining resources from other parts of oakland. the city -- the homicide is the city's 101 gs of the year -- 101st of the year sgrs they walk -- >> they walked up to him, say what's up and started hitting hill. they hitted him for -- hitting him. about 15 of us ran to go help him. >> reporter: if there's any connection between the homicide and the movement, the camp people say the shooting involved outsiders and was only connect today their ongoing protests of u.s. financial institutions to the education tent that part of overty brings violence. the mayor want to close the camp. >> calling on the campers to please leave voluntarily tonight. i've got city workers out there where -- who very offering vowtures to -- votures to homeless shelters >> reporter: the people have
6:33 am
pointing out that the other 100 homicides happened in other part of the the city onned -- and not here, suggesting the violence was here first, before the occupy oakland camp. we're going to try to continue to call police to get a fullid of -- fulli d of the young man that was shot yesterday. at least one member of oakland city's counsel has called forker a no confidence vote for mayor quan because of her handling of occupy oakland. coming up t 6:45 larry read tells us whether he plan to schedule that vote. there are new complaints about the occupy san francisco camp from business owners. some managers at the ferry building say there has been a spike in shoft lifting and human waist being left behind t building manager sites 11 understand debit dent -- incidents of cell phones and other items being tolden. the buildings toy let
6:34 am
paper and paper towel costs have doubled because of occupyers using and bathing in the bath rools -- bathrooms. students at uc berkeley have voted to end their around the cloak protest. everything is quite on the cal campus this morning. this video was taken a few minutes ago. there are only a happenedful of people -- handful of people ouz right now -- outside right now. many students are preparing for the main event in the occupy cal protest, a student strike. they hope to send a message to lawmakers. >> our representatives are not long to us. it does not -- listening to us. it does not matter if we flood their inboxes -- inboxes with e-mails or voice mails. >> the president omaba tes to -- the protestors say a you tube video proves the police used excessive force girns the students -- against the students on wednesday night. police in riot gear clashed with tell me
6:35 am
traitors -- tell me administrators. . pittsburgh police say a man posted a facebook note mentioning his financial problems before killing three members of his family yesterday. police say the 39-year-old man called # 11 -- 911 at 4 a.m. to report he had killed family members. five hours later the swat team entered the home and found him dead with a self inflicted gunshot wound. neighbors say the family had lived there for 10 years. police have not released the victims names but they they are 36, 63 and 65 years old t san francisco transportation agency says it's facing a $80 million deficit. they're looking for ways to close that budget hole. we are in san francisco to tell us about some of the ideas that the agency is proposing, it is to rain money and fees on people. >> reporter: that's right. what if they wanted to charge
6:36 am
you -- more more fa -- more for paying with cash. that's one of the ideas pging -- being floated around. sfmta a forecasting a $35 million budget shortfall next year and a $45 million short mall for the year -- shortfall for the year after that. monday they will hear some ideas. one of the ideas is raising fares by 25 cents, another idea charges customers 25 cent to use a transfer. we asked some ride pers they'd be willing to pay for more their ride. >> no. i'm already paying enough. >> i would probably opt for paying more, but i think they can benefit most by making everybody play that gets on the pay. half the people get on the bus that doesn't pay. >> they over see parking in san francisco and that could get
6:37 am
more expen sichl there's talk of adding 1,00 more -- 1,000 meters spaces. as we mentioned, these are all just ideas, no formal proposals. the board will have to vote on another budget in april. we have contaced the spokesperson -- contacted the spokesperson this morning about what would happen. live in san francisco, alley, ktvu 2 news. the end come bant is claiming victory. davis has 51 percent of the vote compared to 47 vote for city counsel woman shivley. there are still thousands of ballots to counted. davis says she's won. shivley is prepared to contest the election after some residents reported they were unable to vote because some poling places ran out of provisional ballots.
6:38 am
this is not the fergs time -- first time there has been controversy. combak many 200 -- back in 2007 the mayor use -- the mayor was sworn in but then the other asked for rae count. -- recount. mitigating circumstance relevantmy is hanging on to the lead for the sheriffs race. he says he's not comfortable based on the way the votes are trending that he will be taking over after the sheriff retired after more than 30 years 6:38 is the time. lighter than usual. we've been talking at veterans day, a lot of kids out of school. how does it look, sal? >> it looks good. it's always also nerd knew year, the national -- new year, the national -- >> what? >> because it's 11/11/11.
6:39 am
good morning. i just want to let you know we cover traffic for everyone here. i want to show you some of these live pictures to show you it is lielt -- lighter than usual. a lot of people on veterans day, a lot of the schools are closed, so you won't be having to drive your kids to school or yourself to your college class. things will be lighter than usual. also on the span, this is a look at 880. that traffic is looking good. there is a veterans day parade later today in san francisco. just be aware of that in quays you're -- in case you're downtown. they've cleared the accident in liver more so the highway is hope for you. let's go to steve. >> new new year, it's on. >> you should go. >> we should. >> mostly cloudy, cloudy skies. there's been some brief light
6:40 am
rain towards discovery bay. that's just tropical moisture that came streaming up here in advance of the system. it's blotting along. -- plotting along. it is parallel to the coast. it's getting closer. our system is trying to work its way in. the closer you are to the coast, the greater you'll get some rain inland. this system is head pg more to southern -- heading more to south california. it's going to get drag that had way. coastal areas, rain is likely. for inland areas, it's hit and miss, for cloudy -- more cloudy and cooler than anything else. the key is that the -- is a at the -- is at the bottom left of your scene. that's the low. it's diving to southern california. if it was punching east i would say get ready for rain. because of dhooif south -- dive south, it will -- -- dive south, it
6:41 am
will take the system south. it's trying, but it runs into resistance because the low is moving away from it. 30s, 40s and 50s, pefrptures -- tefrtures today. -- temperatures today. it's cold for some, not for others. it's a good system. it has a lot of rain with it. as that low drives -- dives south, that takes the opportunity of rain away from us as well. it's there. we'll mention it. a cloudy cool day. i wouldn't cancel any plans. keep some rain gear handy. lite rain mt. morning -- light rain in the morning. 50s to 60s today. the light rain inland is hit and miss. 50s and 60s with temperatures coming down 5 of 10 degrees -- 5 or 10 degrees from yesterday. 56, 6 -- 50s, 60s on the does -- coast. a brief system brushes us with sunday. >> looks good. thank you.
6:42 am
more fan violence at a game involving a bay area team. . the vooi lent -- the violent crime that happened after last night's raiders win. >> gunfire along the bay area freeway over night leaves one man's -- one man dead. >> good morning. northbound 101 traffic is slowing down in san jose. there is a crash at old oakland road. more on the way. fine, i just got a little fender bender.
6:43 am
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good morning. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following right now. we have learn it had man killed near the -- learned the man killed near the occupy oakland camp lived there for several days. the young man was shot to death yesterday just yards away from the tent city outside city hall. mayor quan says it is time to shut down the camp for good. penn state assistant coach mike mcqueary will not be at tomorrow's home gameful he has received -- game. he has received multiple threats. the scandal has led to the fires of lenld dare head -- legendary head coach jo paterno. president obama will have the reef laying this morning then he will travel to san diego to join
6:46 am
troops on board an aircraft area to watch -- care year to watch -- carrier to watch a basketball game. >> first responders to the scene on interstate 80 near tennessee street found a man who had been shot. alex safrj is in vallejo where why police done think this attack is random. >> police devek dif -- detectives believe this driver was targeted but they can't say why. the man was driving along the driveway over night when another car pulled up an opened fire. this deadly car to car shooting took place about mied night -- midnight. it started with reporting called into 9 # 1 -- 9 # 11 -- 911 from drivers that say a car was crashed into be right backs. when they got there -- bushes. when they got there they found out he was suffering from gunshot wounds.
6:47 am
>> we have an agreement with the highway patrol that anything that's criminal nature, in the case, a murder, we do the primary investigations of it. this is the 13th homicide this year for us. >> detectives don't have a whole lot to go on at this point. no description of the gunman or the get away car. they're hoping over drivers driving along eastbound 80 near the tennessee street exit around midnight may have witnessed this shooting or saw the get away car fchl that is the case they are urging peep to put in a call -- people to put many call to police. -- put in a call to police. at least one member of oakland city counsel is calling for a no confidence vote on mayor gene quan because of her handling of occupy oakland. larry read says he has no plans to put a vote on agenda. the shooting is proof the occupy
6:48 am
camp meedz to go. >> it is attracting vings -- individuals that other wise would not be down here. you have that element. it complicates the element we're dealing with with the end campment. >> he says he dusz not want to go -- does not want to go through with the vote because it would be purely political and would not have any real effect. occupy santa rosa demonstrators are waking up without having to worry if they will be arrested or kiged off city property. the tents can stay now that the city counsel approved a permitting system. the counsel made the decision after a packed 4 and a half hour meeting last night. there are some restrekss, such as no cooking, smoking or alcohol and tents are lichlted to -- limited to four people. >> a man is recovering this morning from a stab wound suffered after the raiders game. police say two men got into a fight in the parking lot after the raiders beat the chargers last night. a 25-year-old man
6:49 am
was stabbed in the stomach. his injuries are not believed to be life threatening and police say the fight does not appear to have anything to do with the raiders chargers rivalry. no one has been arrested and police say the victim is not cooper rating. the raiders won that game 24-17. they have taken over first place in the afc west. >> you had to add that. >> i did. sports in me. >> i root for the raiders too. let's go to sal, traffic. what's going on? >> you know, pam and mike, i think we're having a great day on the rose. this is something that we kiebd o -- kind of wait for. today it's veterans day. some people are not going to school or work. we're looking at san francisco northbound 101. that looks very nice. this is good. if you are driving to work youl might say, well -- you might say, well, at least the commute is going well even though i don't have the day off. this is a look at the bay bridge. definitely lighter than usual as you're coming up to pay
6:50 am
the money to get into san francisco. this morning's commute on westbound 580, some slow traffic here. if you're driving in hayward union, it's small delays at the to plazas. >> a very haem friday. a -- happy friday. a loft cloud -- a lot of clouds coverage over us. there's some rain towards the east, some isolated rain just kind of went through. it was out the picture pretty fast. there will be bands of that. it's going to get here this evening for the coast. it's going to line its like this an then is that right to -- start to drive south. mainly closer to the coach, inland may not get much out of this system. there's a lot of rain with it, it's just not heading our direction. costal areas, rain likely. i'll show you here in a second. inland areas, cloudy and cooler, rain is possible,
6:51 am
but nothing compared to if you head to the west. a better opportunity heading east. the key is the low right there. see, it's dyeing southeast. it's heading manufacture towards -- more towards southern california. the system, it's there, it's trying, but it's lining itself parallel to the coast. i think we're going to have to wait until everything moving to the south. 30s, 40s and 50s, it's all over the place. plenty out here. it needs a kicker though. it doesn't have a kicker. here's the system coming from the north. that's the low. it's heading this way. here comes the way, but it's heading south, so we have to wait for it. i think eventually it will get here more likely later this morning and close e to the coast. -- closer to the coast. by the theven -- by this evening, rain near the coast. by saturday morning most of it should be gone. 50s and 60s on the temps. they will come down due to the cloud cover.
6:52 am
it's not as warm for other areas, like san jose, oakland, which was in the low 70s yesterday. extended out look, rain coming in later, but mainly a lot of cloudy cool conditions into saturday morning. a weak system sunday morning and then it's out of here by dry and warmer mop, tuesday. a company plans to hire 165 new workers. according to the san francisco business times, commerce runs an on line platform to help businesses manage employee spendéing. -- spending. the traditional thanksgiving dinner will cost more than last year. the price tag fors a homemade dinner for 10 people will come in slightly more than $39. that's up 13 percent. the farm bureau says everything has gone up, but the biggest hike in
6:53 am
the turkey. >> that is pricey. demonstrating against corp. right greed and honoring veterans, the event taking place for the two veterans hospital liezed after protesting at -- hospitalized after protesting at occupy oakland. >> a new rules on -- ruling on whether or not it is legal for cities and counties to ban medical marijuana disperse ris.
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welcome back to the morning news. take a look at the big board, the dow jones up 200 points today to 12,109. the ie italian senator passed some measured today. investors around the world like that news. a state appeals court ruled that california law does allow cities and counties to ban medical marijuana dispensaries. they say it does not prevent cities and counties from passing regulations. the issue will be taken up by the state supreme court. >> two veterans hospitalized following occupy oakland protests will be honored today for veterans today. they are planning a 4 p.m. march and protest. now, olsen is recovering from a skull frak cture after a police tier gas holder
6:57 am
hit him in the head. in just a few hours, the 93rd annual veterans say parade will kick you have -- off in san jose. the pa rid -- parade is at noon. go to for more on today's events. there's also a slide show. >> nice. come inging up on 7 o'clock. back to sal to check in on the veterans day 11/11/11 trachg report. >> it looks good. i think a lot of people are not going to work because if you look at our roads, they're mostly good and certainly people out there. we do have a light commute. this is a look at the toll plaza. it's normally not this way. in san francisco north and southbound 101, very nice traffic heading downtown. 6:57 let's go back to steve. >> cloudy skies, some light rain
6:58 am
has moved through. we'll have to wait for this system to get closer. by late this afternoon, this evenening, those along the coast are in line for some rain. cooler for even though. 50s and 60s. coming up, deadly shooting just yards away from the occupy oakland example. we learned -- camp. we learned more information about the young man killed and over night highway crash turns into a homicide investigation. what we learned this morning. we'll be right back.
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